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Nanowrimo! Nov. 6, 2010

Hmmm, looks like I haven't updated in a while, sorry guys!

I have been drawing allot lately so I shall post some drawings real quick and tell you about them! This is a commission I did for lighty through gaia, I'ts not my best but it is not quite done yet XD I like how the hair turned out but that is about it... This is the reff pic:

That's by... Veyony, or something like that. Go ask lighty, she baught the pic! So, lets see what else there is...

I made some more coffee paintings but I have yet to scan them in. Let's see.... *searches computer* ah, here is one:

This is the most recent cat I have drawn digitally! I am really pleased with how it turned out, I thought my cat skills would be rusty by now but I guess not! Well, that's about it for now. I should probably go work on my novel! :P

Thanks for stopping by! (Btw, I am Zaria LaRue on gaia if you want to find me!)


FREE OC WEEK ON ISCRIBBLE!! September 28, 2010

I will be drawing your oc for free ( not like I really charge anyway XD But the wait is less then if you requested here because there will be less of a waiting list. ) in real time ALL WEEK! Please stop by. the thread will be called 'Darky's free oc week'. If you are a reg then it would be awesome if you published the board so I can become a reg (hopefully soon) and the oc drawing will be better! Can't wait to see you there! Oc week ends on the 4th of october so hurry up. I might hold another oc week in the future but only if I know I will have time. Here is an example of an oc I drew!

Can't wait to draw some ocs!!



Sorry I haven't added anything in a while, I have been really busy lately. I had another birthday (yay me!)and have been an a semi vacation. you'd think vacation would give me more time to check on the site here but it didn't. Iv'e just been 5 times busier than usual, visiting grandparents and cleaning the house madly in preparation for mom's friends coming (I guess moms have friends too.) So, sorry. i think I will be back for a while though.

So, you are probably wondering what all that had to do with the name of the update and the answer is... IT DIDN'T! I'm getting to that part next... So, I was really bored and surfing the internet the other day and I started watching vocaloid music videos and then I decided that I should make a teto costume (I was really bored and I had finished my other art project! ) So, thats about it. The costume is About 70% complete!! I just have to sew the ribbon on the front of the shirt and make the sleves YAY!! Oh, and style the wig... so more like 62% complete.. but still XD

That's all for now!


Fanart teim!

I made a fanart for ChibiCupcake101 because they are awesome! It was for their icon contest (I made an icon from the fanart) but though the picture is awesome the icon is by far, NOT so I doubt I will win. I still had fun making it and the pic (If I didn't say so before) is TOTALLY AWESOMEFUL!

All that said, here it is!

Well, that is about it so.. I guess thats it! XD (Wanders off to draw and play zomg)


I actually have new content! Aug 5, 2010

I was messing around in photoshop and accedently drew something worth sharing! I really hope you like them... I am going to put backgrounds on them later maybe... I am not good at backgrounds.

Random update... zOMG--> Aug 1st, 2010

I don't really have much to say right now... I started playing zOMg and am totally adicted. So fun! Anyway, Maybe I'll run into you sometime, my name is Zaria so look for me!

Anyway, I am making allot of commissions on mweor and I should probably put some of the artwork I am auctioning up here for you to see. More things to do!

-Listens to Lacuna Coil-

Anyway, I am going to go back to killing evil lawn gnomes. See you!



:D You have got to love capslock! Anyway, I made an epic kitty animated gif I wanted to share with you all! Here it is!

teehee, just fun and random. I found it lying around in my old photoshop files so I decided to turn it into a gif. Anyway, about the double rainbow, I found this HILARIOUS song abt double rainbows. Make sure to watch the original video that the song is based on because they are both quite funny! But for the sake of your meantal health you should not watch them both back to back XD

Anyway, thats about all for now. Sorry for the lack of updates, I was cleaning up the site so there wasn't much to tell.



layout July 17, 2010

I have officially finished transfering the layout! XD Sadly, half of the site has the old affies on the sidebar because I did the affie clean out half way through layout changing. I will probably leave it up until the next layout change.

I also updated the past layouts page a bit, but I think I am still missing a few. Oh well, too late now!


As you might know, I pappered my walls with sketchpaper and have been drawing and painting on them. I am starting to fill in allot of the pages so I will have to post some pictures of my favorite doodles!

I will also be uploading a few pictures I drew the other day for my cousins who came to visit. I have a cupid, an extremely freaky cookie monster, and horus egyptian god of something or other! XD

That's all for now I think, but check back soon! I am probably make a deviantart account pretty soon! YAY! Thx for reading!


More art July 1, 2010

I have been drawing allot lately so I decided to update the artwork page! Go look at the awesomeness! :D :D

Thats about it I think.... maybe there will be more to say later?!


Affie clean out!;; June 21, 2010

I am having an affie clean out. Results are below.

Hopefully in the near future I will have some active affies who I will actually visit! I am really bad at visiting you guys but I will be more active!!!

Anyway, if you'r site shows up on this list then you have been deleted. If you still want to be my affie then re- apply!

Real update comming soon!

Lives abound

Warrior Cat Pics

Shiny Pickles

Warrior Cat Site Reveiws

Warrior's Hideaway

Sunrise Silhouette

Shattered Nightmare

Color of the Rain

Warrior Dreams

Starclan Sanctuary

Dance Party

Forgotten Warriors

Electric Meow

Sky Clan

Lunar Shadows

Cheetah Legends

All you have to do to re-apply is post in the c-box! hope to hear from you all soon!

June 16, 2010;; Long time no update

Meh, I haven't updated in a bit because I have been busy. I got elected an officer in my volunteer group and will be running their website too so I probably won't get allot of time to work on gh until I finish cleaning the other site up. Anyway, I never got a chance to take a picture of the birdhouse because I gave it to a relative for his birthday. I'll try to get a picture next time I visit but that might not be soon. As for the watercolors I kept those but my mom cut out the parts she liked and put them up on the wall... so not pieces are missing... Oh well.

I am in the process of converting a bunch of my photoshop drawings to jpg so I can upload them!

Off you work now!


June 6, 2010;;Watercolor paintings!

I dug up my old watercolor set and got some paintbrushes out yesterday. So now I am ready to paint! I haven't done watercolor in a year or two but surprisingly its easier then I remembered!

I think I will post pictures later! I really need a place to put all this stuff up. I should probably reorganise my artwork page...

Anyhow, if all goes well scaning the watercolors in then I might do requests!

I also made a gourd birdhouse yesterday and it turned out pretty cool! pictures of that later!


June 2, 2010;; New epic coffee paintings!

I know, I know, I haven't updated in ages and I still have to finish the layout change. I have just been too busy in real life to spend much time on the computer... But I do admit, I used my free time yesterday to check on my mweor account instead of work on the site (like I should have) !

So, hopefully today I will have time to fix up the site a little bit!

In addition to dilly dallying on Mweor I did some coffee paintings I hope you will enjoy! Please don't steal or use them for anything but I just thought I'd show you... :D

Sorry for the bad quality images! I took the pictures with my webcam really late at night so they didn't turn out great! Anyway, I just adore this last one! Sadly, the idea isn't all my own. I got the inspiration for this piece from This person on deviantart. I didn't trace it or anything but I got the position and style inspiration from one of their pics so I thought I'd give some credit. ^^

I had fun looking through their gallery. They have some great art!

Also, while on Mweor yesterday I came across the main artist's deviantart page! YAY. So, for all you warrior fans out there, I shall post this link to their Warrior cat comic !

That's all for now! I have to go finish putting the layout up!


May 16 2010 ;;Layout change...again?

Yeah, yeah. I know I just finished putting up the other one but.... I requested this one from Lighty and I just really want to put it up now. I love it so much! Besides, the last layout was too thin for most of the graphics to fit on. I am going themeless now but I will keep all the old warriors graphics up. I am thinking of making a new site for all the other stuff I make just to keep things looking clean. I'd have a warriors link on the sidebar but it would be much easier for me that way. Please tell me what you think of this because it's really up to you guys! Anyhow, I started another layout that is to be a premade so look for that soon! And... that's about it.

May 11 2010

FIRST LAYOUT YAY! all the other ones I only helped with and lighty made most of it. So this is really MY first layout! I love how it turned out but the next one should be wider. Well, I am almost done putting it up... Only 50 pages to go! jk but it is taking a really long time. Partly because I have to take down all lighty's stuff but im doing well. after I am done with the layout I will have to start putting all my new graphics up. I have allot of artwork too but I dont really know how I should organize it. If any of you have any ideas PLEASE TELL MEEEE. Thanks for stopping by! Requests will be open soon but only for certian things so make sure to read the rules and everything before requesting. :D


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